A Collapse Blocks the Way

After a long drive deep into Pennsylvania, a long hike on a hot day, we enter the mine.  Two hundred feet in, it ends in collapse.  No disappointment, we searched, we found, and we cross another one off the list.  Finding abandoned mines requires patience, finding abandoned mines that are explorable requires sustained perseverance and some luck.

Bob Rapells in a Coal Mine | Dec 12

After a long safety check of equipment, Bob begins his descent into the workings of a coal mine.  Chris K soon followed.  Be certain to view the videos.

Dan the Photographer

Dan is the primary ABM photographer.   Through his lens and keen eyes Dan documents the historic mines we explore.  As the photographer, Dan sometimes carries more equipment.

Cranberry Mine Trip | Feb 2007

On February 2nd, 2007,  a few years after we started our journey into mining history, we kept hearing about the Cranberry Mine in Harriman State Park. Supposedly it was a long tunnel deep in the woods, with a dynamite shed. Ed Lenik described this mine well in his excellent “Iron Mine Trails of NY NJ” book.

Anyway myself and Bob decided to finally hunt it down, and with Bob leading the way, we did find it on a very cold snow covered day. The mine was very impressive, at the time it was probably our biggest underground mine experience. I recall the interior being a long stoped out adit with a short side tunnel. The cieling was probably 10-15 feet high in places.

Today, the mine has been sealed permanently with a bat gate to thwart off disturbers and for liability reasons. But we will always remember this as one of our early mines.

Cranberry Mine NY Entrance | Feb 2007

Cranberry Mine NY Entrance | Feb 2007

Cranberry Mine Entrance | Taken 2/3/2007

Cranberry Mine Entrance | Taken 2/3/2007

Cranberry Mine NY Inside | Feb 2007

Cranberry Mine NY Inside | Feb 2007

The back end of the Cranberry Mine | Feb 2007

The back end of the Cranberry Mine | Feb 2007

Cranberry Mine NY Side Tunnel

Cranberry Mine NY Side Tunnel 2/3/2007

Chris illuminates the shawangunks..

Chris stands knee deep in the waters of the shawangunk mountains looking ahead at the 300 foot tunnel. This tunnel was a main adit to a large lead mine somewhere in NY state. The picture shows more or less how it looks naturally in an abandoned mine. d:

Bob stands by the winze..

Miner Bob Winze

Miner Bob stands by the abandoned mine winze

Taken in April 2008, Miner Bob stands by the winze inside a mine in NJ. A winze is a shaft in the floor of a tunnel which descends to lower levels in a mine. This winze in particular was over 100 feet deep and accessed a second lower level, which also had another winze but was flooded.

Chris and Bob rapell inside a Coal Mine. Part 2 | Dec 12, 2010

Chris and Bob rapell inside a Coal Mine. Part 1 | Dec 12, 2010

Chris and Bob prepare to descend down 150 foot shaft..

Great shot here as Chris and Bob prepare their gear for a descent down a mine near Rosendale NY. Bob and Chris are both experts, with extensive training from private and organizational providers. Bob is a member of NJSAR, and Chris has had private training from numerous clubs.

Bob and Chris prepare to rapel

ABM Crosses the icy river to get to the mine tunnel..

Miner Bob Entering Mine..

Bob enters a mine somewhere in warren county NJ, which was a tight squeeze to get in. In this photo, it appears as though he is entirely engulfed by leaves, and to some degree it is true, as the erosion over time has almost completely sealed this mine.

Miner Bob Entering Mine

Miner Bob Entering Mine

Deep woods hike in search of an elusive mine portal

Hiking through deep woods in search of a tunnel portal pointed out to us by an ex miner. Unfortunately after hours of hiking through this dense foliage, we were unable to find the mine and gave up.

The ABMCrew.com Experience..

Welcome everyone!! This site is all about the adventures, the journeys and travels of the ABM Crew as we venture in search of abandoned mines all across the country. ABMCrew.com is based heavily around the lives and adventures of 5 individuals of the group. Dan, Bob, Chris K, Tom S, Chris G and Ed. This site will feature videos and behind the scenes footage of our adventures, as well as personal blogs from the group. Our sister site, www.abandonedmines.org is about the mines. ABMCrew.com is about the experience.

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