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Redbridge Mine Adventure Part 2 (and the Ellenville Mine Skeleton)

Continued from Part 1 located here: Bob was very cold at this point but the adrenaline and excitement somehow subdued any longing for warmth. We donned our gear and proceeded to go in, with Bob in the lead. At this point we were extremely excited to find a 150 year old mine still accessible deep [...]

Redbridge Mine Adventure Part 1

The adventure that was Red Bridge.  This is how determination and ambition can sometimes cause pain. Bob and I had read about the red Bridge Mine from old books. Worked in the 1840′s, the descriptions mentioned various tunnels, shafts, and even the story of a woodsman who killed his son and caved in the mine [...]

Photographing Fish

The fellow behind me in the line at the Costco photo department noticed the PA coal mining pictures I was reviewing.  “Looks like quite an adventure” he said.  Yes it was.  This led to my explaining about ABM and what we do.  I usually mention that our trips are 80% hiking to search for mines, [...]

ABM Fun at Buttermilk Falls..

Buttermilk falls is an incredible mine we stumbled upon by a lead that Ed had in the NY State Geological dept. We heard it was under a waterfall, but didnt imagine it as beautiful as it was. On most days in the wet spring, you will never be able to see the mine behind the [...]

What could this be? Canistear Mine…

I have been going to the Canistear Mine in Vernon for a few years, it was one of the first mines I went too. The highlight of the mine is that one of the shafts has an International Harvester truck inside of it.  A few years ago back in 2006 I also fond another neat [...]

Drake Mine Adit in Mount Olive

A little known mine with a collapsed adit in Mount Olive NJ. The Drake Mine was a small Iron Mine I traveled solo to this mine back in Dec 2005 to find it. Its right behind some homes in Mount Olive NJ. The adit was over 700 feet long and cut across 5 ore veins [...]

Miner Bob outside the Sunray Mine | 03-31-2007

This is Miner Bob 3 years ago at the the old mine called the Sunray Tunnel, a 500 foot tunnel that penetrates the shawangunk mountains. It was at that point one of the deepest mines we knew of. The mine was later used in the 70′s as a spring for some of the purest waters [...]

Beach Glen Mine Historical Shots

Great historical shots of the Beach Glen Mine, a large iron mine from the turn of the century, located in Rockaway NJ Surface Plant at Beach Glen Mine NJ Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Subscribe to the comments on this post

The Experience..

Welcome everyone!! This site is all about the adventures, the journeys and travels of the ABM Crew as we venture in search of abandoned mines all across the country. is based heavily around the lives and adventures of 5 individuals of the group. Dan, Bob, Chris K, Tom S, Chris G and Ed. This [...]