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Rappelling in Rosendale

Last weekend, we changed plans to go back to Rosendale, our old stomping grounds. Rosendale NY features some of the most impressive mine workings in the north eastern US, with the town being a major producer of Rosendale cement. Rosendale cement preceded Portland cement as a very strong and dependable cement, with millions of tons [...]

ABM Goes to the Dark Side

Surprise, surprise. About two years ago we were at our favorite cement mine.  Afterward we decided to search some promising mine leads in a nearby town.  After climbing a steep hill to a rocky valley that had a recent rock fall, we decided leave that area and followed a trail along the hillside.  And there [...]

Redbridge Mine Adventure Part 1

The adventure that was Red Bridge.  This is how determination and ambition can sometimes cause pain. Bob and I had read about the red Bridge Mine from old books. Worked in the 1840′s, the descriptions mentioned various tunnels, shafts, and even the story of a woodsman who killed his son and caved in the mine [...]

Nevada Explorations

From a recent trip i took to Nevada! 1/3/11 – Sultan Mine, Goodsprings, NV I met up with Joanne at about 10am and followed down I-15 south. After 20 miles, we turned off on a road and quickly turned off onto a dirt road. After 30 minutes of offroading, we approached the mine. Tailings could [...]

Photographing Fish

The fellow behind me in the line at the Costco photo department noticed the PA coal mining pictures I was reviewing.  “Looks like quite an adventure” he said.  Yes it was.  This led to my explaining about ABM and what we do.  I usually mention that our trips are 80% hiking to search for mines, [...]

Tight Squeeze and false floor!

A few days ago Dan and myself followed up on a tip from Mike one of our underground members on an opening he found while exploring the woods in Northwest NJ.  Sure enough from his directions we found the opening to an iron mine.  At ABM we have certain safety rules that we follow ALL [...]

ABM Fun at Buttermilk Falls..

Buttermilk falls is an incredible mine we stumbled upon by a lead that Ed had in the NY State Geological dept. We heard it was under a waterfall, but didnt imagine it as beautiful as it was. On most days in the wet spring, you will never be able to see the mine behind the [...]

Cranberry Mine Trip | Feb 2007

On February 2nd, 2007,  a few years after we started our journey into mining history, we kept hearing about the Cranberry Mine in Harriman State Park. Supposedly it was a long tunnel deep in the woods, with a dynamite shed. Ed Lenik described this mine well in his excellent “Iron Mine Trails of NY NJ” [...]