I prefer the outdoors and wilderness more than urban life and indoor activities.. unless the weather is not cooperative. I was part of a Boy Scout Troop in my early teens, and the Scout Master did take us on bicycle tours, hiking trips and cave exploration. We did visit Carpenter’s Cave, Blue Mine and Roomy Mine.. plus the Hibernia mines. My father’s parents had a small farm in Woodstock, NY back in the early 1950s. My mother’s parents had a small farm also, in Paramus, NJ. Myself, I am an only child.. but my parents’ families did have multiple children, 5 siblings on my mother’s side and two on my father’s side. I purchased a tract of farmland in upper New York in 2002, with the intent of a retirement home and returning my activities to a more rural environment. But with the economic turmoil, it is still just a vision of the future. Having become a Septuagenarian a year ago, I have dulled my edge on activities. But I still remain more active than most “ancients”.
I spent 23+ years with the NYCTA, working the Subway lines as a maintenance person. In my final few years there, I advanced to a Supervisory level. Then I retired in late 1992. A few years in a computer service facility, and now am fully “out to pasture”. My main interests are nature, history, farm equipment and computers.. not in that same order. I find pride in restoring older tractors and mowers, extending their useful existence.. and “cloning” some types to become what is not a common entity. This is one of my creations.. a “dump mower”.. http://premium1.uploadit.org/karlsweldt//Dump-mower.jpg
It is an older Craftsman mower, with an added rear chassis section. It has a Briggs 14hp opposed-twin engine. The hydrostatic transaxle was moved 6″ further back for better weight distribution, and a metal Mason’s pan on an old mower seat hinge is the ‘dump’ mechanism. Works great, and can still mount a mowing deck!!!
My only complaint about life is that as we age, we slow a bit more than reality allows.. and you sometimes feel like a bit of litter along the highway of life.. at the whim of traffic!
One credo I abide by is:
I Am..
My soul is of the Wolf. My spirit is of the Wild Goose. My entity is of the Wild Havens.
My being is that of the Great Spirits being generous to me.
I am thankful for these blessings, and will repay them.
I can see into the future, and it is good.
I cannot relate to others what I see, for fear it to be true.
.. author unknown.