Ed Ardler


Ed Ardler lives in a 19th century house, the same house his mother was born in 75 years ago.  His knowledge of the mines of South-Eastern New York is unparalleled, and his ability to find the old lead mines of the Shawangunk Mountain Range has earned him the name of “The Adit Man”.  Furthermore, Mr. Ardler is a volunteer consultant to the New York State Museum, Department of Geology, assisting them in locating and mapping abandoned mines.
Ed’s passion for exploring started at an early age. As a boy, he would spend hours looking for fossils on his grandparent’s farm. He found and studied unique rocks and minerals all across the region. As a young man, he explored many caves. In addition, Ed has had a lifetime interest in Native American history in Orange County and the surrounding area. He has explored many farms and fields in Orange County, locating numerous Indian artifacts.

Mr. Ardler is the owner and general manager of a commercial truck fabrication company in Orange County. Ed will continue to pursue his passion of exploring our mining history, and is looking forward to seeing what else our history will reveal.