Chris Kroschinski

Age: 29
Ht. 5’10
Wt. 165

Occupation: Laboratory Technician /  Student for Civil Engineering
Hobbies: Abandoned mine / building exploring


Chris was born in the city of Plainfield, and raised in the town of Hazlet, NJ, on the famous “Jersey Shore.” After finishing high school, he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do with his life. Always being intrigued by science, he went to work for a consulting engineer’s laboratory performing tests on soil, concrete, and asphalt. During this time, he became certified by agencies such as the American Concrete Institute and the Society of Asphalt Technologists. After witnessing how engineering work is done, Chris decided to pursue a degree in civil engineering at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, where he is currently a senior. After graduation, Chris will work designing foundations for buildings and other structures and hopefully will have opportunities to design green buildings and be able to retrofit existing historic or abandoned buildings for modern uses.

In his free time, Chris enjoys being outdoors. He regularly hikes and camps during the summer, maximizing his time with nature. He is fascinated with historical buildings and structures, and tries to include these when he hikes. Some examples of these structures are abandoned mines, mental hospitals, and factories. With an engineering mind, Chris also likes to tinker with his jeep, which has been upgraded to withstand the toughest off-road trails and conditions.

When Chris is neither outdoors or indoors, he can be found underground. Living in the mining rich state of NJ, he has explored many of New Jersey’s 550 iron, copper, and zinc mines. Recently, he has ventured into the state of Pennsylvania, in search of coal mines. This is no easy task, as exploring abandoned mines includes many challenges and dangers. Poisonous gasses, collapses, and open mine shafts are only a few of these obstacles to be overcome. Luckily Chris’s engineering background provides him with the ideas to overcome these problems, as he never goes into a mine without safety gear, rope, emergency lighting, and air monitoring equipment. These challenges make exploring the mine even more worthwhile, and Chris hopes he will be able to continue doing this for years to come.”"